The Importance of a Regular Bike Fit

The Importance of a Regular Bike Fit

As you age, inevitably your flexibility becomes harder to maintain – and this can greatly impact your optimum riding position. Therefore, I recommend you get a fresh bike fit at the end of each season to allow you the winter to train your body to maximise your riding potential.

In triathlon, your ability to cycle fast with efficiency and then be able to run fast off the bike is crucial and your ability to stay comfortably aerodynamic for longer will impact on your overall performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Of course it’s obvious that with every change of bike, a full expert fit is crucial – especially if you managed to nab yourself a bargain bike on Ebay. However, other factors also dictate a must for a full bike fit such as post pregnancy, long lay off or even returning after any type of injury which could lead to a restriction in movement.

Signs You Need a Bike Fit

Key signs that your bike does not fit properly include pain in the lower back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs and numbness of fingers or toes. Any of these are clear signs that you need to book yourself in for a bike fit and they don’t get much better that James at the Human Performance Unit (Essex University).

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