Colchester Half Marathon Programme

Regardless of your ability this 20 Week training plan does the thinking for you ensuring you get to the start line of the Colchester Half Marathon in great shape avoiding the pitfalls of over training whilst maximising fitness through a variety of challenges.



This unique plan is designed specifically to build up to the Colchester 2020 Half marathon and incorporates the local opportunities to exercise and race in a social environment to maintain motivation such as the ideally placed Hadleigh 10k (see the 8 week specific plan)

After a Base and Build phase the plan develops strength and speed specific to the demands of the course before finishing with a 2 week taper fine tuning towards race day.

(c) This Training Plan is the Intellectual property of MJ Triathlon Coaching Ltd created in October 2019 and no part of it must be reproduced or distributed. Failure to do so will result in legal action.